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FEBRUARY 21, 2024
A new crossword puzzle is now available! Click here to download my FREE Project Hawk themed puzzle. No login or checkout required – just download, print and start solving!

I’ve also been working behind the scenes on the Project Hawk website to make things a little more streamlined and easier to navigate, including the ability to now click on a photo for a larger version. Of course, the bigger your screen, the bigger and better the photos look!

Just a reminder that Project Hawk merchandise is also available, including: notebooks, stickers, t-shirts and mugs. For discounts on Project Hawk merch, exclusive content and first looks at upcoming projects, I would love for you to consider becoming a member on my Ko-fi page.

MARCH 4, 2024
I’ve been contemplating some things… Thinking a lot about how the story here on Project Hawk is so very incomplete and how the concept itself is truly an evolving idea.

I based much of the early years’ content on the photos I took, doing my best to set the stage for and tell the story of that moment in time. But what about that time that Mama hawk swooped so close over my head that I could feel the whoosh of air (but have no photo or video or even recall the date). Or when the “feeding tree” (an important part of the Hawks day to day) was finally felled due to disease. These moments are part of the story too but I don’t have dates to record them here.

Going forward, you can expect the look and feel of Project Hawk to adapt and change. I’ve already made a few aesthetic changes to the site and have many, many ideas for new content swirling in my head.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is… what happens when Mama hawk doesn’t come back? She undoubtedly is the reason this saga even exists. Will Papa 2023 find a new mate? Will he come back to the ‘hood? Will their offspring (and Mama & pre-2023 Papa’s offspring) come back here to start their own families? How would we even know? So many questions.

No matter what unfolds, I will continue to tell the story here.

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