Baby hawk on the fence
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The second year in a row that we saw Swainson’s hawks in our neighbourhood.

It will be many years until our next encounter…

This is their story (and mine) through my lens.

AUGUST 2004 - date unknown
Once again, I have no written record of these observations – how could I have known what the future would hold? It just so happens that I had taken some photos of a not so common bird in the neighbourhood.

My future hawk-watching self can once again confidently say that this was very likely late August.

We can confirm at least 2 juveniles in 2004 with photographic evidence. Oh, and Mama is perched up on the pole in one of the photos, can you see her?

From my future self: I remember taking the photos of the 2 babies on the fence. We had been out for a walk in the green space in our neighbourhood when we happened upon the pair. I was practicing taking photos again with a Nikon EM SLR film camera using a 70-210mm lens. Naturally, I had to inch closer to the babies to get the shot. Even back then, Mama was squawking and swooping at me while my better half was warning me of Mama’s intent to get me away from the kids.

2004 the end…
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