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The year is 2004. For the second year in a row, we saw juvenile Swainson’s hawks in our neighbourhood.

The following is an account of my observations of this avian family (more specifically with sightings of the babies).

There’s a gap of 13 years until the next encounter…

NOTE: This is not a scientific journal. However, I am fully aware that once the birds have left the nest, they aren’t “babies” anymore. By the time we see them out and about, they would more accurately be called fledglings and juveniles. I will use baby/babies/young ones/littles/juveniles interchangeably when referring to the offspring of Mama and Papa hawks.

AUGUST 2004 – date unknown
Baby hawk on the fence
Baby hawk on the fence
Babies on the fence, Mama up on a pole
Babies on the fence
Mama watching over them

Once again, I didn’t keep a written record of these observations. It just so happens that I took some photos of a not so common bird in the neighbourhood.

My future hawk-watching self can once again confidently say that this was very likely late August.

We can confirm at least 2 juveniles in 2004 with photographic evidence. Oh, and Mama is perched up on the pole in one of the photos, can you see her?

2004 the end…
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