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The year is 2019. The 3rd year in a row of observing a family of Swainson’s hawks in Calgary, Alberta. This is their story (and mine) through my lens.

Note: The accounts herein were written in 2023 – the photos, notes and email messages from the time helped me write the story.

NOTE: This is not a scientific journal. However, I am fully aware that once the birds have left the nest, they aren’t “babies” anymore. By the time we see them out and about, they would more accurately be called fledglings and juveniles. I will use baby/babies/young ones/littles/juveniles interchangeably when referring to the offspring of Mama and Papa hawks.

MAY 25, 2019
Papa hawk in a tree
Papa hawk in a tree

Right around this time, we usually see Papa and Mama getting settled in their breeding home.

This is Papa. Handsome fella.

JULY 17, 2019
Papa and Mama in a tree
Papa(L) and Mama(R) in a tree

We refer to the tree in this photo as the “feeding tree” as it seems to be the best location for feeding time. It was so cool seeing Mama and Papa together at the top of the tree. I couldn’t tell if they were feeding or not. They were there for quite awhile. Mama stayed behind for a bit after Papa left.

AUGUST 4, 2019

Spotted a baby in the nest tree. That’s a good sign! Mama was around while we were walking in the area. She was none too pleased.

No hawk photos today.

AUGUST 8, 2019
Babies on a wire
Babies on a wire

First time seeing the babies out of the nest tree. They are not far from their cozy home.

Looking forward to seeing them out exploring more.

AUGUST 10, 2019

A couple of days ago we saw two babies hanging out on a wire.

While we were out walking today, we confirmed there are actually 3 babies! So cool! This is the first year we have seen this.

No photos today.

AUGUST 11, 2019
Two babies in a tree
Two babies in a tree
Baby in a tree
Baby in a tree

The little ones (not so little actually – they are almost as big as the adults right now) are hanging close to the nest tree still. And Mama is keeping a watchful eye on them… and us.

AUGUST 13, 2019
Three babies on a roof
Three babies on a roof

This year, the babies seemed to like hanging out on this apartment building in the neighbourhood. We saw them there a lot.

AUGUST 24, 2019
Baby feeding in a tree
Baby feeding in a tree
Baby feeding in a tree
Baby having lunch in a tree

Feeding time! The sky was overcast and I was having a hard time getting the shots to turn out (still practicing my photography!). Saw two babies feeding in 2 different trees.

AUGUST 26, 2019
Oh hello
Oh, hello

Every once in awhile, you get to see something really cute in Nature. Even better, you capture that moment forever in a photo that makes you go “awwww”.

AUGUST 27, 2019
Baby on a power pole
Baby on a power pole

While out watching one of the littles on a power pole today, I managed a not-quite-perfect shot of a Swainson’s hawk flying overhead. Oh, that must be Papa. The thing is, it’s not. Just look at the photo of Papa from May 25th of this year.

Who 'dis?
Who ‘dat?

So what’s the deal? Who ‘dat?

AUGUST 31, 2019
Baby in a tree
Baby in a tree

One of the last photos I took of the babies this year.

Until next year…

2019 the end…
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