Baby hawk in a tree 2003
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Our first photographic record of a family of Swainson’s hawks.

Who could know that I would be so invested in these birds some 20 years later…

This is the beginning of their story (and mine) through my lens.

AUGUST 2003 - date unknown
I don’t even really remember taking these photos (I mean, c’mon, it was 20 years ago!) – I actually rediscovered them by happenstance in 2023. I also didn’t keep a written record of these observations so there isn’t much of a story here. Nor can I confirm the exact date these not-so-great photos were taken. However, my future hawk-watching self can confidently say that this was very likely late August.

Photos taken with a Nikon EM SLR film camera using a 70-210mm lens.

Although there’s no way to be certain, there was at least one baby this year, heck maybe even 2 or 3.

2003 the end…
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