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Hey, I’m Lisa – an artist, amateur bird photographer, avid admirer of Swainson’s hawks and creator of Project Hawk.

My years long commitment of recording our encounters with Swainson’s hawks began in 2017. In August of 2023, I finally compiled the timeline of my daily interactions and observations of these birds of prey over the years into an online record/diary here.

If you’re a bird lover (or even if you’re not!) follow along as I share the stories of our neighbourhood Buteo swainsoni through writing, art, photos, videos and music. Project Hawk is my passion project. A labour of love. A bit of an obsession. All of the above.

Project Hawk is an evolving idea. I’m sure you will love what is yet to come!

Ways to keep up to date with Project Hawk and my other creative shenanigans:
* visit my main site here for more mostly bird-related content and products, including free downloads
* follow me on Mastodon
* become a Ko-fi member – I offer lots of discounts and exclusive access to products and first-looks at projects here on Project Hawk and beyond

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